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17 November 2018 Episode SaReGaMaPa 2018 : Rajwinder Kaur sings ‘Ka Karun Sajni Aaye Na Balam’ a Mehndi Hassan ghazal in singing TV Show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2018 of which Shekhar Ravjiani, Wajid Khan & Richa Sharma are judges and Jay Bhanushali is hosting the singing show Saregamapa. SaReGaMaPa 2018 SirfMusicJeetega MusicSeBaneHum is a singing TV Show which comes on Zee TV Sat-Sun 9 PM please watch the show & to enjoy our awesome song videos of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2018 don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE our channel.. “Sync Lyrics”

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Sync Lyrics!!in Saregamapa 2018 alongwith Richa Sharma, Wajid Khan & Shekhar Ravjiani. Watch & Enjoy!!

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Original Ka Karoon Sajani Song Credits: –

Song: – Ka Karoon Sajani Aaye Na Balam

Album: – Swami

Singer: – K. J. Yesudas

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Cover Song Credited to Rajwinder Kaur & Music Composer Team Mates!!

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Ka Karoon Sajni | Rajwinder Kaur | Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2018 Download Video Download Link


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