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The album Kamatchi Thayea is dedicated to Amman, the benevolent, kind hearted, the blessed Goddess. May Amman bless all her worshipers with peace, joy, and prosperity. The album Kamatchi Thayea , sung by LR Eswari, S.Janaki and Mahanadhi Shobana, has been produced by Unique Recording known for delivering some of the finest Tamil/Telugu/Sanskrit devotional videos and songs.

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The album contains 8 songs listed below along with the timer. Click on the time value to listen to that particular song:

1.Mandiramaagiyea – மந்திரமாகிய 00:00

2. Ayiram Ayiram – ஆயிரம் ஆயிரம் 08:48

3. Puthithaana – புதிதான 12:48

4.Mangadu Valarkindra – மாங்காடு வளர்கின்ற 18:55

5.Kamatchi Thayea – காமாட்சி தாயே 25:23

6. Maadevi Vazhum – மாதேவி வாழும் 29:40

7. Manjal Neeral – மஞ்சள் நீரால் 33:59

8. 108 Amman Potri – 108 அம்மன் போற்றி 38:40

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Melody – Unique Recording © 2017

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Kamatchi Thayea | Amman Songs | Tamil Devotional Songs | Tamil God Songs Download Video Download Link

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