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This anthem-song is a gift to Ekal Vidyalaya, my favorite Indian NGO. (Details: www.ekal.org)

Over 25 years Ekal has reached into the regions that have escaped Government’s attention. Many millions of its students have become far better contributing citizens to modern India – as a new class of literate stakeholders in a village’s success. Its students are better able to use governmental and social institutions to become better farmers too – not necessarily become doctors or engineers.

I was the Executive Producer for this composition.

The Song Creation Team:

(I) Guitar Prasanna Composer, Producer

(2) Sunayana Kachroo Lyricist

(3) Sanjiv Sharma – Video Production

Recording artists for the song:

1. Vocals – Female – Anuradha Palakurthi (Recorded at Eastside Studios, NYC)

2. Vocals – Male – Hariharan, the Bollywood maestro (Recorded at his home)

3. Vocals – Backing – School children from St Xaviers, Mumbai

(Recorded at Yash Raj Studios, Mumbai)


Guitar Prasanna (Recorded at Eastside Studios, NYC)

4. Guitar (lead and acoustic) Guitar Prasanna

5. Guitar (Bass) Steve Jenkins

6. Percussions (Drums) Kenny Grohowski

7. Percussions (Cymbals/Drums) Sivamani Anandan

8. Percussions (Morsing, Mridangam) T S Nandakumar

9. Percussion (Tabla) Nitin Mitta

10. Bansuri Jay Gandhi

11. Sitar Abhik Mukherji

12. Turkish Clarinet Ismael Lumanovsi

13. Organ and Piano Manu Koch

14. Recording Engineer Duff Harris, Eastside Studios, NYC

15. Recording Engineer Shantanu Hudlikar, Yash Raj Studios, Mumbai

16. Mixing Engineer Elliot Scheiner

17. Mastering Engineer Bob Ludwig

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Apna Ekal, Apna Ek-Kal Download mp4 Download Link


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