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Vidya Vox – Diamonds (ft Arjun) (Official Video) Download mp4

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Vidya Vox – Diamonds (ft Arjun) (Official Video) Download mp4 video mp4 download

Diamonds Lyrics – Vidya Vox feat Arjun

Diamonds Lyrics: An original single by Vidya Vox featuring Arjun the
song is from Vidyaas album aKuthu Firea The song is produced and
directed by Shankar Tucker

Song: Diamonds
Album: Kuthu Fire EP
Singer: Vidya Vox Arjun
Lyrics: Shankar Tucker Vidya Vox
Video & Music: Shankar Tucker
Choreographed by: Karmagraphy
Music Label: Shrutibox Music

Diamonds Lyrics

Diamonds and gold
Mehndi and Bangles
So beautiful
She moves like an angel

Dance like she donat got a
care in the world like*
Eh le le le le le le le lo

Flames reachina high
But canat touch the fire
Catchina her eye
Her burning desire

She know she got it
When she sing her song like
Eh le le le le le le le lo

Look up at the sky
The stars diamond shine all alone

Tonight is the night
Take a deep breath
Let it goa¦
Eh le le le le le le le loa¦

Blasting the night
The rhythm takes over
Dreams in her eyes
Keep driving him closer

Exotic Hypnotic she knows
Heas about to move up on her
She got it she got it
God knows he canat hold back no longer

Dancing so close
The temperature is rising
She just donat know
How sexy that smile is

She knows sheas got it
When she sings the song like
Eh le le le le le le le lo

Look up at the sky
Stars never shine all alone

Tonight is your night
Just take a deep breath
Let it goa¦

Eh le le le le le le lo
Eh le eh le eh le lo


Girl youare one of a kind
I know youare feelina the vibe
Just give me tonight
Itas the way that you smile
Baby Iam losina my mind (x2)

Shinin like gold
So shine alone
Shinin like gold

Let it go no
Eh le le le le le le lo

Youtube details of Cover Song Vidya Vox – Diamonds (ft Arjun) (Official Video) Download mp4

Official video for the original single “Diamonds” by Vidya Vox ft. Arjun, from Kuthu Fire EP: http://apple.co/2w2bc6l
Get it on iTunes: http://bit.ly/iTunesDiamonds | Listen on Spotify: http://bit.ly/SpotiDiamonds
Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subVidya | Watch next, “Kuthu Fire”: https://youtube.com/watch?v=NjRRDE7gK4E&list=PLjOy3wobFPwsomUhTNqQlPVeaQzTiCYSM

“Diamonds” also available on:
Google Play: http://bit.ly/GoogleDiamonds
Amazon mp3: http://bit.ly/AmazDiamonds

So excited to share the second single from my upcoming EP, “Kuthu Fire”. A big big thank you to Raging Tiger Events and Izaak Azanei for making this video possible! Big shout out to Arjun for coming on board with this song and giving a killing performance (vibes!). Of course, and a huge shoutout to Shankar Tucker for producing the song and directing the video!

Big shoutout to Karmagraphy for being a part of this video!

— — —

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Lehenga by StudioEast6, check them out:

Written by: Shankar Tucker, Vidya Iyer & Arjun Coomarsamy
Produced & mixed by: Shankar Tucker
Mastered by: Tony Joy

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Cover Song Download Link

Vidya Vox – Diamonds (ft Arjun) (Official Video) Download mp4 Download Link


Release Date: March 2, 2019
Artist Name: Arjun
Song Title: Vidya Vox – Diamonds (ft Arjun) (Official Video) Download mp4
Youtube Thumbnail: https://www.covers7.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/vidya-vox-diamonds-ft-arjun-offi-384x220.jpg
Channel Name:Arjun
Web Url for Video Download:
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Q1. How to Download this Song (Vidya Vox – Diamonds (ft Arjun) (Official Video) Download mp4)?

Answer. Please Click on Cover Song Download link, and then you can download the video or audio file of this song.

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Answer. Arjun is the Artist/Channel for this song. Mostly Arjun uploads new songs and you can download or watch all songs in our site www.covers7.com. Check all songs from this channel by clicking here. You can download all songs of channel through this link and watch or download them one by one.

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Answer. You can see all covers from this by searching the song name in search box. Click to the search box and search for the lyrics you want to see or download.

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