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I had such an amazing time supporting Ella Eyre in Germany this year – touring is one of my favourite things and this brings back lots of happy memories. Thanks to everyone who came, sang along with me and hugged me after the shows 🙂 I can’t wait to see and meet more of you soon! x (PS. A transcript is available on the video – just click the settings button, or scroll down to see it )

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Video shot by: Ashleigh Jadee


I’ve been to Germany singing live before. But this tour is different because it’s with a live band.

Four years ago I started out on Youtube. My mum gave me the idea of doing a cover of the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. After that we just started carrying on posting videos really.

I think that the best thing about being on tour is that I get to do what I love the most really. You get to see people’s reactions live. You get to see people dancing along, You get to see them singing along to your songs. When you catch them nodding their heads, when you catch them swaying along, that’s when you see people feeling the emotions, you get to see them in their truest forms.

My parents really encouraged us to explore different things, like music, maths, school, academics. I guess that I was drawn to piano and singing. Recently I have had more than one style. YouTube style was just kind piano and singing, like really soft, really emotional, really intimate. And I love that style. With the songs I’ve been doing with DJs like Robin Schulz and Felix Jaehn, it’s more in the EDM world. It’s more kind of upbeat, more dancey. When it comes to original songs, it’s more personal. It’s more intimate really.

Because I am 14, everyone always asks me how and where I got my inspirations for songs from. I mean it’s a pretty valid question because, I mean, I haven’t had that much life experience yet. What I do is that I think of stories I’ve heard. I try and relate to them as much as possible. I get a lot of my influences from fairy tales or stories from my parents, or stories from my friends, or TV shows, or books.

Songwriting to me is a quite collaborative process. I like working with other people because you get to hear their ideas and get into their mind. When I write with people, I normally start the day not knowing them at all. By the end of it, I know their deepest darkest secrets.

Our first show which was in Cologne, there was a whole queue of people just kind of waiting to meet me. And I signed their tickets. I took photos with them. I hugged them. I sang ‘happy birthday’ to this one girl called Alita – she was really sweet and lovely. It was really nice meeting some people because they’ve been in contact with me via Twitter. They told me really funny stories about how they saw me at the train station in Cardiff. It was funny to put messages to faces.

We went to a service station. A whole herd of teenagers just came up to me, asking me to take photos with them, take selfies. It was really funny that in the middle of nowhere, like these people out of a van, like tons of people asking me to take selfies with them.

It’s really an amazing thing to know that you are surrounded by people who truly do care for you.

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Jasmine Thompson – Tour Diary – Germany 2015 Download Video Mp4 Download Link


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