Shivohum – A Quest for Truth | Lord Shiva Song | By Ankit Batra Download mp3 video mp4 download

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Shivohum- A quest for the inevitable truth!

The truth of death

Is there an afterlife?

This bhajan explains how our body can be destroyed, hurt, burnt or finished but our soul is immortal!

The energy inside us follows the universal law, it can neither be created nor destroyed, it will get transformed, transformed into a light which will glow inside another body.

Mitti se hu main,

Ye mitti bhi mitti mein mil jaegi

Aatma amar hai

Ye jyot ban jaegi

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Shivohum – I am Shiva! I am consciousness and bliss!

This spiritual mantra when enchanted, it sends positive vibrations throughout. It enlightens self and connects the self to Lord Shiva. It is the meditation mantra which connects us to the source of truth, lowers our ego and gives us a spiritual bliss. This lord shiva song enlightens us about the power of Shiva. And also, there is a Shiva inside me, inside you, inside all of us, which is the light of truth. The attainment of spirituality to the point where our ego vanishes and what is left is pure conscience.

~Shivoham Shivoham Shiva Swaroopam,

Shiva: One of the principal deities of Hinduism. Also known as Mahadev, one of the supreme beings who creates, protects and transforms the universe. Shiv bhajans are recited to worship him.

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Shivohum – A Quest for Truth | Lord Shiva Song | By Ankit Batra Download mp3 Download Link

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