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This is ED SHEERAN’S Perfect from Divide. Cover by Nikhil Iyer.

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This is Perfect, by Ed Sheeran. It can be love for friends, family, a significant other, or whoever… This song celebrates love truly. I picked up my guitar, and decided to sing this one, and hope that you all love it (: This is an acoustic cover of the song Perfect, by Ed Sheeran. Quite a tough song to sing and bring justice to, but I hope you like this cover!

There is some joy in acoustic music that can not be replicated. This song truly comes from the soul.

Hope you all enjoy this cover as much as I enjoyed singing this one for you! Truly one of the best songs by Ed Sheeran.

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Perfect- Ed Sheeran (Cover by Nikhil Iyer) Download mp4 Download Link

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