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This is In My Blood by SHAWN MENDES. A cover by Nikhil Iyer.



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Hey guys, this is Nikhil. When I first heard In My Blood, I was blown away by Shawn Mendes’ improvement in his vocals, and it connected with me instantly. I feel like every person has ups and downs in their life, and that In My Blood really touches the soul in that matter. This will be a part of his new album that he has not released it. Once I heard this song, I knew that I wanted to Cover it immediately (: Shawn is insane, and when he belts the chorus In My Blood it is absolutely marvelous. I arranged the music for this cover of In My Blood and sang, and I hope you guys love it!! Shawn Mendes is incredible. I also got inspiration from the amazing Leroy Sanchez, and Samatha Harvey for having perhaps the best covers of In My Blood on Youtube. Hope you guys love this cover of In My Blood and if you do, don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment, and share with whoever you want (: Thanks so much.

In My Blood:

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In My Blood- Shawn Mendes (Cover by Nikhil Iyer) Download mp4 Download Link

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