Bekhayali | Kabir Singh (Cover) | FULL VERSION | Nikhil Iyer Download mp3 video mp4 download

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If you are searching for the insane new song, Bekhayali from Kabir Singh, THIS is the cover version you have to click on NOW because I have sung my own acoustic version and the full song!!!!

Hello everyone!!!! I am feeling slightly better now, and couldn’t help myself from making a song for all of you. This new song Bekhayali from the movie Kabir Singh really caught my eye. I loved its intensity and its depth. I thought that I could do a cover with something of my own with Bekhayali. The challenge was that I am recovering from a soar throat. Thankfully, this song was in the lower register and so is my currently (: SO this was the perfect match!! I kept listening to Bekhayali and kept finding new things I loved. After reading the meaning of this song, I saw that it was about pain, heartbreak and sorrow. I figured simply a piano and vocal would be good for my cover version. I went to my studio, sang, played, and recorded my cover of this amazing song, Bekhayali, from Kabir Singh

Hope you love this!!!

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Song: Bekhayali

Singer: Sachet Tandon

Film: Kabir Singh

Music: Sachet – Parampara



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Bekhayali | Kabir Singh (Cover) | FULL VERSION | Nikhil Iyer Download mp3 Download Link

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