4411 – kARNATRiix – The Muse Room Download Video video mp4 download

Youtube details of Cover Song 4411 – kARNATRiix – The Muse Room Download Video

John Anthony – Guitar

Rahul CR – Percussion/Backing vocals

Akhil J Chand – Vocals

Recording – Deepu Sasidharan

Mix – Rahul CR

Composed, Arranged and Produced by John Anthony

(c) John Anthony / KARNATRiix

Camera – Vipin Chandran, Mahesh SR, Aneesh CS

Edit – Sudheesh MS

Production – Deepu Sasidharan, Binu Ninan, Liju Thomas, Harikrishnan

Artist relations – Ranjini Menon


An Aum-i Artistes production.

All rights reserved.

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4411 – kARNATRiix – The Muse Room Download Video Download Link

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